How to Install KitKat Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3 – Android 4.4

I know most of you are waiting for the official Android 4.4 KitKat update for Galaxy S3, but the truth is it’s not going to happen, even if it comes it will take lots of time. So if you can’t wait for the update to come and want’s it right now then I have a partial solution for you. By following this guide you will learn How to Install KitKat launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3, thus at least you will have the Android 4.4 look / theme.

Like other Android Launcher, KitKat Home Launcher cannot be simply installed from Play Store, because it’s not available there. You have to follow few simple steps to install KitKat launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3. Actually this launcher is not a single apk file there are 3 different files need to be installed to complete KitKat launcher installation. Those applications are listed below have a look at them.



Download KitKat Launcher for Samsung Galaxy S3

  • GoogleHome.apk (Launcher)
  • Velvet.apk (Google Search)
  • PreBuiltGmsCore.apk (Google Play Services 4.0)

So these are the Three main apk files which are need to be download & installed to use KitKat launcher on Galaxy S3.

You can download all those file packed in zip from here.

Enable Unknown Sources Installation on S3



You might know what is “Unknown Source”, its an option which prevents user from Installing apps from file manager. Thus you have to Enable it before you can install those three apk files you downloaded from above.

To Enable this option, do this

1) Open Menu

2) Then open setting app

3) Scroll to the bottom & tap the Security tab.

4) Now tick the small check box beside “Unknown Sources” option.

5) You may get a popup message, read and click OK.

So now you have prepared your cell for all kind of third party app installation, lets proceed to Install the Android 4.4 Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3.

Warning : Do at your OWN risk. In this guide you will be replacing some old system file with new one and there is always a risk when altering system file, so proceed at your own risk. Or Stay on safe side by creating a backup of your Samsung galaxy S3.


How To Install KitKat Launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3

1) First of all download the zip archive to your desktop and extract it.

2) Connect your phone to PC & transfer all three apps to your phone SD card.

3) Now open your device file manager and install the PreBuiltGmsCore.apk(Google Play Services 4.0) first. You might get popup message saying “Replace Application”, select OK to replace the old Google Play service from your phone & install this new one. After installing this app your phone might get restarted automatically. [This app has been tested with 4.1+ devices]




4) Now go ahead & Install the Velvet.apk (Google Search), followed by GoogleHome.apk (Launcher).

5) After the installation is over, tap the Home button and choose the KitKat launcher from list. If you want to use it for temporary then after selecting the kitkat launcher tap the Just Once option else tap the Always button. [Check Below]



6) A welcome screen will appear, read the message on welcome screen & press OK.



So that is it, hope you have successfully installed the KitKat launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3 without facing any error. If you’re holding any other device then also you can use this guide. Just make sure your device is running on 4.1+ Jelly Bean operating system. Of course I will say again do it at your own risk.

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