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The HTC One could be the most alluring android mobile phone accessible at this minute. No questions its truly the hardest cell phone with first rate characteristics empowered, but like every smartphone HTC one also have some Problems, Bugs, Error. Yet that is not an issue any longer coz we got possible solution for them as well.

In this article we will cover some commonly reported HTC one Problems like, Wi-Fi disconnection, WI-FI authentication problem, Sim Card Error, Bluetooth won’t auto connect, Camera problem : Noise in Low light photography, Unresponsive back or home buttons, Proximity sensor malfunction, 2x Popping sound while closing apps,wrong battery meter.

HTC One Problem and Solution

OK, lets checkout all the HTC ONE problems and its probable solution one by one. Please note all the solution provided here are found over the internet and various Android forums. Use at your own risk.

WI-FI not connecting / Authentication problem

Not only HTC One, lots of smartphone user comes complaining with WI-FI authentication problem.



Solutions :-

1) Check your router setting and make sure Mac filtering isn’t turned on. If you don’t know how to turnoff mac filtering please search Google with this particular key phrase > “Turn off mac filtering + your router company & model no.”

2) Switch off your HTC One, pull out the battery for 30 sec. Reinsert and restart it.

3) Turn off your HTC one Wi-fi > enable Airplane mode > now turn on the Wi-fi & disable the Airplane mode. [Lots of user reported this pattern of turning ON & OFF worked for them]

4) Make sure your Router firmware it up to date.

5) If nothing worked you can try Soft factory resetting from Setting > backup & reset option.

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HTC One Bug : Bluetooth won’t auto connect

Lots of people faced a weird problem with their Smartphone where Bluetooth doesn’t paired automatically, even if you have paired them before, and HTC One isn’t an exception.

The majority of complain says though it was working at beginning but started malfunctioning after 3 – 4 months of using.



Solutions :-

1) Open Setting >Bluetooth & delete all previous paired devices. Reboot and try reconnecting.

2) Make sure your device Bluetooth name doesn’t contain any special character.

3) If above two solution doesn’t work for you, try using  Bluetooth File Transfer. This app works pretty well with HTC One and all other smartphone running ICS 4.0 + & its light also.

4) If nothing worked you can try Soft factory resetting from Setting > backup & reset option.

HTC One Dead Pixel Problem

Pixels could be stayed on a certain color or show wrong shades since a sub pixel is lacking. By stimulating the screen with a flash about 20 minutes, the pixel can be repaired.



Solution :-

1) Replace your handset with new one.

2) If some how you couldn’t return the handset then use this Dead Pixel Detect and Fix application. Run the app it will detect the dead or stuck pixel then follow the on-screen instruction to fix it.

HTC One Proximity sensor not working

What is proximity sensor ? How it works ? -> After you dial a number or accept an incoming call on your HTC One and start moving the smartphone toward your ear to listen to the other person, the device’s proximity sensor detects that the phone is very close to your face. The proximity detector signals the Intercept to disable the phone’s touch-sensitive display to prevent you from inadvertently activating an icon on the screen with your face. When you move the phone away from your ear, the proximity sensor detects the change and reactivates the touch-sensitive display.

Solutions :-

Proximity sensor problem can be divided in two different section . The provided solution may not work for you, it depends whether your device suffering from Software problem or Hardware. Though we got a Hardware fix also,  but if you’re not enough strong in this field you shouldn’t try it.

1) Software fix : Download this Proximity Sensor Calibration app from Play Store & install it on your phone. Open it and tap the OK button at the lower side of the display and it’s done. You can uninstall the app afterwards.

2) Hardware fix : Though it is tested, still I don’t recommend you to try it. If you’re going to try this, do at your own risk.

a > Disassemble your phone.

b > Remove LCD board. (carefully)

c > Detach proximity sensor from board. (carefully)

d > Cut small line of plastic from New screen inside the view port ( where the sensor can see through) it should be touching the glass separating the 2 sensors. ( be careful)

e > Use double sided foam / tape to block and sit in between the 2 parts of the sensor and the screen.

f > Reassemble  your phone back.

That’s my  boy, as the two sensor is completely separated from each other, it should start working.

3) If you still can’t fix it, return it to the dealer immediately. You will get a replace.

Noise in Low Light Photos captured with default camera

A huge number of HTC One user complained that they are getting blue, red, purple noises on photos when captured at low light condition. This is probably because of high ISO.



Image credit :

Solution :-

1) Try lowering your camera ISO for better pictures.

2) Use alternative camera apps : Camera MX or Camera360 Ultimate

HTC One SIM card error / No SIM card message

Since I have posted a guide on How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat update on HTC One, lots of people reported me that they are facing a SIM card error with the new update. Though latter the download link was replaced with a new one & the problem has been sorted out.



Solutions :-

1) If you recently changed the SIM card without properly pulling out the battery, then switch off your phone and pull out the battery, wait for at least 10 secs before popping the battery back and turning it ON.

2) You might like to clean the SIM card chip area with few sprays of perfume and rubbing it with cotton or soft cloth piece.

HTC One Battery Calibration / Wrong battery meter FIX

If you’re facing wrong battery meter problem on your ONE or a sudden drop in battery level then it’s time to calibrate it.

If you’re irritated by Low HTC One battery backup then you should buy a low priced POWER BANK for your SmartPhone.



Solutions :-

1) For rooted HTC One user :

a > Download this Battery Calibration app and install it.

b > Set your phone to charge, wait until it reaches 100%

c> Open the installed calibration app.

d > Tap the large “Battery Calibration” button at the center of screen

d > Disconnect the charger.

e > This will reset the battery stats.bin file on your phone where it stores the daily battery usage.

Do it once a week and you will never get this problem again.

2) For unrooted user :  As the above calibration app needs root permission to run on your device, so it won’t work on unrooted phone.

Though I got a fix for un rooted user also…

A > Switch off your phone.

B > Set it to charge, wait until it reaches 100%

C > Disconnect the device from charge when it completes charging.

D > Pull out the battery.

E > Wait for  minimum 3 min or 180 secs. (time needed to ensure that the chip is no longer powered)

F > Put back the battery.

G > Turn ON your phone.

Unresponsive Home and Back button

Lots of HTC One user complained that Home and Back button is not working while the phone is in charge. Not only while charging, few of them faced this problem in discharging state as well.



Solution :-

1) Unresponsive while charging : If you device Back and home button is not working in the way you want it to be, then first make sure that you’re using the ORIGINAL HTC One charger.

90% of the people complained about this problem was using local charger which damages the soft button slowly. It acts like a slow poison for your phone, not only the soft buttons it may damages some internal parts as well. Else use the supplied USB cable to charge from Desktop or laptop.

2) Unresponsive in normal state : Open your device setting > Language & keyboard > HTC sense input > Advanced > Calibration tool > complete the calibration with light touches.

HTC One Popping Sound while closing app

Some of user complained in forum that they are hearing a Popping sound every time they tried to close apps like Facebook, Viber, Whats app or hit the HOME button.

I know it is not that irritating, but still if you want to disable it, follow bellow steps.

Solutions :-

1) Open Setting > Sound > & untick the Touch Sounds.


So that’s all, hope you found solution for your HTC One Problem. If you’re facing something else, please let me know in comment. I will try to provide a fix for it. Thanks for following our guide, feedback is appreciated.

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