Install Custom Kernel and Overclock HTC Wildfire S CPU Speed

So you own a Wildfire S handset from HTC ? Want to increase it’s CPU SPEED by overclocking ? Then let me show you how to do that.

Wildfire S from HTC is a quietly brilliant device but it lacks CPU Frequency, which is very important if you want to try on multitasking and high graphics games. Now the stock kernel, more friendly the boot.img which comes pre-installed in HTC Wildfire S simply doesn’t permit you to make any changes.



But thanks to those hard working android developer who used the source code released by HTC itself to create a custom kernel for HTC Wildfire S. In simple Custom Kernel are the cloned unlocked stock kernel but with much improved build and additional tweaks.

This additional tweaks helps to boost Wildfire S performance by few more percentage. Also you get the maximum control over your device after installing a Custom Kernels. So lets start with the process to install Custom Kernel followed byHow to Overclock HTC Wildfire S CPU.

How to Install Custom Kernel on HTC Wildfire S

1) Head over to this XDA Page and download the Custom Kernel which we will flash / install on your Wildfire S.

2) Make sure to save the downloaded file on your desktop & don’t try to extract it.

3) Now connect your phone to PC via USB cable & transfer the kernel to your phone’s SD card.

4) After the successful transferring, disconnect your phone and turn it off.

5) Reboot in Recovery mode of your device.

6) From the recovery mode, “select install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.

7) Finally select the Kernel file you transferred to your Phone SD card & flash it.

8) When the installation over, select “+++Go back+++” followed by “reboot system now”.

-|-|- Custom Kernel Installation Over -|-|-

Note :- While rebooting if your device stuck on booting for more than 20 minute, please remove the battery – reinsert it. Boot into recovery mode and select “wipe data factory reset” YES to confirm wiping. Then select Wipe cache partition. Finally “reboot system now” to restart your device.

Now that you have successfully installed Custom Kernel on HTC Wildfire S, it’s time to Overclock HTC Wildfire S CPU with the best overclocking apps available on Google Play store.

How to Overclock HTC Wildfire S

Overclocking is only possible after installing a Custom Kernel, if you haven’t flashed any custom kernel yet then please don’t try below process.

1) Either open play store on your phone & download the app named No-frills CPU Control or use this link.

2) After installing the app, open it.

3) No-frills CPU Control app will automatically detect the minimum & maximum frequency to which your device can be overclocked.

4) Leave all the setting default & tap the Apply button.

Note : Don’t check the Apply on boot option till you confirm that overclocking is working successfully on your device.

So that’s it, hope you enjoy the guide to overclock HTC Wildfire S. Now you have the overclocked phone on your handset so try out some HD games from Play Store.

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